Signs It Might be Time for Transmission Service

Anyone who has ridden a bicycle with multiple gears knows the importance of being able to smoothly switch from one gear to another. Whether you're riding up a steep cliff or slowing down, you want to be able to get where you're going efficiently and accurately. This is also true when it comes to our cars -- we need to be able to shift from one gear to another with speed and efficiency. This is made possible by our properly functioning transmission. But when our transmission isn't feeling quite right, it affects the rest of our car.

Loud Noises

Our transmission exists to help the vehicle shift from one gear to the next smoothly and efficiently. But when it is no longer working as smoothly as it was before you might be able to tell by simply listening. One of the ways your car might be signaling it needs transmission service is if you are in neutral and start to hear loud noises coming from the engine. It might be something like a clanging or a racket, but no matter what it could be a sign that your transmission isn't feeling very healthy. If you start to hear unsettling sounds from your vehicle, especially while in neutral, be sure to get in touch with a reliable auto repair shop.

Unhealthy Fluids

The transmission fluid in your vehicle is an important piece of the puzzle to ensure your transmission functions properly. But over time as the car drives more and more miles that transmission fluid starts to accumulate more dirt and grime from the outside, making the fluid not quite as effective as before. It's important to have the transmission fluid inspected on a semi-regular basis to help ensure it is able to keep the transmission properly lubricated and there are no complications from ineffective fluid.

Darkened Transmission Fluid

One of the ways you can determine whether or not you are in need of transmission repair is by taking a peek at the color of the transmission fluid. When the transmission fluid is healthy and working properly it should be a slightly reddish tint. If, however, the transmission has been overheating and the fluid has begun to slightly burn, then the color will have turned a slightly darkened color. This is a clear indication that the fluid is no longer as healthy as it should be and it's important that a team of experienced auto technicians take a look and ensure your fluid is ready to go.

Much like a bicycle with multiple gears, you want to be able to smoothly transition from one gear to the next in the necessary moments. When you are unable to shift properly, things can get rocky pretty fast. This is also true for your vehicle. If the transmission isn't working right, the ride might become a bit bumpy. Getting in touch with a trusted auto maintenance shop will help get your car transitioning smoothly like before. The next time you are looking for transmission service in Garner get in touch with us here at CarFix at (919) 867-4623 as soon as you can! Our team of experienced technicians are available to inspect and repair your transmission right away.


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ